Measuring performance and improving impact
for energy, climate and low carbon programmes

Greenstate is a small consultancy supporting international development programmes and organisations that are focussed on clean energy, climate change and low carbon development. We can help with the monitoring, measurement and management of your work through the following core services:



Through independent, objective and rigorous evaluation we’ll help you to understand the impact of your work. Our evaluations will strengthen your decisions and strategy by identifying what’s going well, what could be improved, and how to maximise the positive results that you’re aiming to deliver.


Our action-focussed research can deepen your understanding of how new markets, policies and technologies will affect your work, and how you should respond to developing opportunities and challenges.

Funding support

Whether you’re a donor looking for independent funding assessment or an organisation preparing a grant proposal, our support is grounded in extensive experience of the full investment cycle, working with both funders and fund seekers. 

Project management

At some point, every organisation needs extra support. Whether you’re looking for quick, one-off technical inputs or the complete outsourcing of discrete functions, contact us to talk through your specific requirements. 

Who we are


Clean energy and climate change related programming is rapidly increasing across the international development sector. While this growth and increased emphasis is greatly needed, it also has to be informed by rigorous evidence and evaluation. Greenstate addresses this need by combining monitoring, evaluation and research expertise with technical expertise in energy, climate and low carbon development.

In combination with this increased need for technical expertise, we also recognise that energy and climate related programmes regularly offer considerable opportunities for research and evaluation that goes beyond qualitative analysis. Wherever possible, we augment our work with quantitative methods and modelling, allowing for a more rigorous analysis and – in turn – better informed decisions for the organisations and programmes that we work with.

We are also IT-smart, using technology to deepen our analyses, to improve the communication and understanding of our results, and to increase the efficiency (and minimise the costs) of our work overall.

Greenstate is headed by Ronnie MacPherson, Director and Lead Consultant:

Ronnie MacPherson, Greenstate Director and Lead Consultant
  • Monitoring and evaluation specialist with extensive experience of planning and leading evaluations, developing monitoring systems, communicating evaluation results, quality assurance, and capacity building

  • Core qualitative evaluation expertise supported by a strong grounding in quantitative modelling, econometrics and statistical analysis, including Stata and R software

  • Over 19 years of experience in international development, working in diverse sectors and contexts including clean energy, climate change, water & sanitation, agriculture, funding mechanisms, and aid effectiveness

  • Experience developed through work in several countries and with a variety of organisational clients and cultures, ranging from national governments, to large multinational institutions, to small voluntary groups

  • Highly developed ICT skills, including data visualisation, web development, and database design


Contact us


+44 (0) 131 618 6135